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Who are we

PRORES is a corporation built on knowledge and ambition from all disciplines of the petroleum industry. We offer petroleum expertise and software development services.

The company was established in November 2005 as ResLab Integration. It was renamed Weatherford Petroleum Consultants after Weatherford’s acquisition of Reservoir Laboratories in June 2007.

From January 2009 until December 2011, Weatherford Petroleum Consultants was operating under the Production Optimization business line in Weatherford International, and thereafter within a global business unit called Petroleum Consulting. The Norwegian entity has through all these years been Weatherford International’s spearhead and center of excellence within this global business unit.

Weatherford Petroleum Consultants was acquired by a group of employees on July 8th, 2014. The company was renamed PRORES. Since 2014 several spin-off companies have been established and have become companies of what we now call the PRORES Group. The corporation is growing rapidly and currently has 20+ employees.

Since 2005 we have been providing leading edge petroleum expertise and software development services to clients worldwide. This includes a breadth of services ranging from fully outsourced onshore and offshore field development projects to consultant contracts.

We have been involved in more than 150 projects with oil companies worldwide. This long and proven track record is a testament to our capabilities and reflects the successes enjoyed by clients who elected to entrust their visions with us.

Our multidisciplinary team is focused on achieving our clients’ goals and meeting their schedules and budgets. We apply our talents and skills in providing solutions that ensure a mutually rewarding project experience.

PRORES is also engaged in technology development for the petroleum industry. Our strategy is to commercialize new technologies in spin-off companies.

For our investors our ambition is to demonstrate added value through profitable and innovative technology strategies and solutions.

For our employees our ambition is to offer a challenging and rewarding place to build a career.

Bridging the gap from ideas to solutions

History timeline

  • ResLab Integration

    ResLab Integration

    It all started when ResLab Integration was established in November 2005. The company became a member of…

  • Weatherford Petroleum Consultants

    Weatherford Petroleum Consultants

    In June 2007 the ResLab group was acquired by Weatherford and ResLab Integration became Weatherford Petroleum…

  • Weatherford Petroleum Consultants

    Weatherford Petroleum Consultants

    Weatherford Petroleum Consultants became part of Weatherford International’s Production Optimization business unit. The company was responsible…

  • Weatherford Petroleum Consultants

    Weatherford Petroleum Consultants

    Weatherford Petroleum Consultants acquired SICOM in November 2011. SICOM became the subsea department of Weatherford Petroleum…

  • Weatherford Petroleum Consultants

    Weatherford Petroleum Consultants

    Divesture of Weatherford Petroleum Consultants’ subsea department to Proserv.

  • Weatherford Petroleum Consultants

    Weatherford Petroleum Consultants

    Weatherford Petroleum Consultants AS became part of Weatherford International’s Petroleum Consulting global business unit.



    Management buy-out agreement with Weatherford finalized on July 8th 2014. Company changed name to PRORES.

  • WellGuard


    Technology company WellGuard established.

  • WellStarter


    Technology company WellStarter established.

  • WiDE


    WiDE Subsea established as a joint venture between PRORES and Optime Subsea Services.

Our value proposition: simpler, better and more cost-efficient

The PRORES team

The PRORES team is a unique combination of young and talented professionals and experts with years of experience from research and development companies, industry and service companies, and oil companies. A selection of our experience track record is given below. We are proud of the out-of-the-box mindset of our team.

Our team experience track record

R & D

Industry & Service

Oil company

The PRORES team

Ola Næverdal
Ola NæverdalCEO
Terje Tho
Terje ThoVP Software Technology
Svein Mjaaland
Svein MjaalandChief Production Engineer
Jean-Christophe Barbier
Jean-Christophe BarbierSenior Production Engineer
Rune Flo
Rune FloSystems Administrator
Espen Lea
Espen LeaManaging Director - PRORES Field Management AS
Arild Saasen
Arild SaasenHSE Manager / Technology - PRORES Field Management AS
Erik Iversen Nakken
Erik Iversen NakkenVP Petroleum Technology / Chairman
Fridtjof Nyhavn
Fridtjof NyhavnVP Well Technology
Tore Ottesen
Tore OttesenSenior Staff Software Engineer
Fredrik Vilhelmsen
Fredrik VilhelmsenGeologist
Ola Lium
Ola LiumSoftware Intern / MSc student Computer Science
Inge Manfred Carlsen
Inge Manfred CarlsenBDM Drilling & Well
Dr. Jafar Abdollahi
Dr. Jafar AbdollahiSpecialist Drilling & Well
Alf Lackner
Alf LacknerSenior Staff Reservoir Engineer
Trond Byberg
Trond BybergSenior Staff Software Engineer
Anne-Marie Gaasø
Anne-Marie GaasøSenior Accountant
Tu Nhat Tran
Tu Nhat TranWell Engineering Manager - PRORES Field Management AS
Jostein Tysse
Jostein TysseOperations Manager / BDM - PRORES Field Management AS

Caring for your assets as if they were our own

The PRORES Group


PRORES is our operational consultancy and engineering company. We provide consulting services to oil companies at home and abroad.


WellGuard is a P&A technology company developing technologies and tools for inspection, maintenance and monitoring of plugged wells.


WellStarter is a technology company developing groundbreaking production technology and tools for wells.

WiDE Subsea

WiDE Subsea is a joint venture between PRORES and Optime Subsea Services focusing on subsea well intervention and P&A services. By combining two field proven operational technologies, we have developed an industry unique and first of its kind, completely rig less, riser less P&A system. Through a large number of FEED studies we have confirmed the ability to complete a permanent P&A, without the use of a rig, at 60% cost savings compared to today's rig / LW1 solutions.

Petroleum Technology to Industry

Partners – stronger together

PRORES always seeks new opportunities with compatible and complementary partners. PRORES has teamed up with a mutually beneficial selection of partners. Together we are stronger and solid partnerships extend our portfolio with leading edge products and services. This enables us to provide simpler, better and more cost-efficient solutions in a wide range of petroleum technology and service areas.

Core Specialist Services

Core Specialist Services are an independent consultancy with extensive experience of Core related data acquisition. Experienced in all aspects of coring and core analysis, including evaluation of heritage data, integrated formation evaluation, conventional/unconventional reservoirs, formation damage and EOR.

Reinertsen New Energy

REINERTSEN New Energy AS carries out engineering, design, planning and construction of oil and gas production and processing facilities subsea and topside, including hydrogen production plants and facilities for carbon capture and storage (CCS).


ExproSoft is a software & consultancy company increasing well uptime for oil & gas operators. ExproSoft delivers solutions that allow the operators to understand the failures and risk of well equipment, and use this knowledge to reduce intervention cost and increase production throughout the wells’ life cycle.

GeologiQ / Netscenario / Goontech

GeologiQ is an interactive field atlas. GeologiQ combines information from geology, reservoir, wells, experience data and field infrastructure to give you the complete overview of your oilfield.

Optime Subsea Services

An industry expert on subsea well access systems technology and services. Offering individual services within subsea engineering and analysis, specific products such as subsea hydraulic pump and modular hyperbaric testing vessels & systems, as well as unlimited workshop testing and maintenance services.

Searcher Geoservices

Searcher Geoservices provides seismic services. They offer NCS FDP atlases - "The ultimate Exploration & BD tool".


Wellcem's product ThermaSet is a polymer resin system that is used to solve a variety well integrity challenges. Typical applications include: lost circulation, compromised wellbore integrity, plug and abandonment, and the remediation of sustained casing pressure.


Fishbones Stimulation Technologies are field proven to significantly increase wells’ productivity. Fishbones have been applied in sandstone, carbonate and coal bed methane reservoirs.