Optimized well life cycle integrity and operations

PRORES has key expertise within well construction and operations. Our long track record of international projects includes both onshore and offshore wells. Special competency is within well integrity management for safe drilling and optimized well completion. Research for out-of-the-box solutions and fit-for-purpose engineering are cornerstones in our search for drilling and well efficiency.

PRORES is a partner with ExproSoft and user of the WellMaster software for well integrity management. Another partner is Optime Subsea Services for cost-efficient subsea well intervention and abandonment.

Our value proposition: simpler, better and more cost-efficient

Well design and construction

Life cycle well integrity is a key for safety and cost efficiency in new field development and rejuvenation projects. PRORES has performed many studies on this issue for mapping of failures and potential risk, including investigation of root causes and for proposing of mitigation and remediation measures.

PRORES is a partner within the EU supported MiReCOL (Mitigation and Remediation of CO2 Leakages) research project with tasks within remediation of near well bore CO2 leakages. A major task in 2016 has been full field experiments on a CO2 field in Serbia with the use of a formation sealing agent. A PRORES team was doing well intervention planning and advisory during operations at the field.

PRORES has studied the challenges related to complete mudloss in depleted reservoirs in Norway and the Middle East. A new initiative for At-the-BitTM treatment of complete mud loss during drilling is under development.

Bridging the gap from ideas to solutions

Well intervention and abandonment

PRORES has performed P&A (Plugging and Abandonment) studies of both platform and subsea operated fields. P&A PlannerTM is a new software based planning tool to assist P&A projects during planning and operations. The software is based on reported drilling and well data and experience from many projects in Norway and UK and include a CBR (Case Based Reasoning) module for capturing and re-using of past cases and experience.