Making production allocation transparent and understood – at all levels

  • Measurement and allocation philosophy

  • Tie-in agreement

  • Application for consent

  • Risk analysis

  • IT solutions for allocation

  • PVT, EOS, Process model review

  • QA/QC Hydrocarbon accounting implementation

  • Data use and sharing strategy

  • 3rd party allocation verification and surveillance

  • Reporting (internal, partners, authorities)

PRORES provides answers to the allocation challenges met by field operators and license partners.

Do we get the hydrocarbons we are entitled to?

What are the risks we are exposed to, and how to reduce them?

How could we make communication with license partners easier?

Our value proposition: simpler, better and more cost-efficient

Caring for your assets as if they were our own

PRORES offers to be your trusted advisor in production allocation with a life cycle perspective. We have experience from all phases and may assist you and your assets at any time.

Bridging the gap from ideas to solutions

Production allocation software

Our experiences from production allocation challenges have provided valuable input in the development of our own production allocation software tools.

  • Allocation calculator

  • Uncertainty propagation calculator

  • Allocation dashboard