Sendra software – SCAL toolbox

Sendra is a two-phase core flooding simulator specially designed to simulate and verify SCAL experiments. It covers all common experimental approaches, including unsteady-state and steady-state flow experiments, single- and multi-speed centrifuge experiments, as well as porous plate experiments. It can be utilized for oil-water experiments as well as gas-oil or gas-water experiments, for both imbibition and drainage processes.

The main application of Sendra is to determine relative permeability and/or capillary pressure from experimental data through an automated history matching approach. Sendra can simulate all common SCAL experiments and can be used as a tool for planning and successful execution of your SCAL projects.

Sendra is tailored for SCAL and it includes options necessary for laboratory application. The core geometry and physical properties are easy to handle. Sendra is not constrained by limiting assumptions, such as zero capillary pressure – which analytical methods are. Consequently, Sendra provides for an excellent means of quality control of analytical methods. Even though Sendra is an advanced and flexible simulation tool within special core analysis, the user friendliness is maintained through a well-arranged user interface.

For Windows systems.
Current version: 2018.1

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  • An easy to use and modern user interface

  • Wizards for quick set-up of analysis of experiments

  • Administrate your entire SCAL project within Sendra

  • Catalog and analyze datasets in one place

  • Study multi-phase flow experiments extensively

  • All standard SCAL flow scenarios supported

  • All standard relative permeability and capillary pressure correlations supported

  • Quality control your SCAL experiments

  • Plan and design experiments

  • Reduce uncertainty in experiments

  • Compare results

  • Two-phase flow in 1D

  • Fully implicit, black oil formulation based on Darcy’s law and the continuity equation

  • Extract reliable relative permeability and capillary pressure information for cores, wells and fields



  • Constant rate with or without rate bumps

  • Constant pressure with or without rate bumps


  • Injection of two phases simultaneously


  • Multi-speed (several RPMs for Pc)

  • Single-speed (one RPM for kro)

Porous plate

Combination of various scenarios

  • Low rate – high rate

  • Steady-state – unsteady-state

  • Multi-scenario

Imbibition and drainage

Oil-water; gas-oil/water

  • Incl. a third stagnant phase


Relative permeability

  • Tabular values

  • Burdine

  • Corey

  • Sigmund & McCaffery

  • Chierici

  • LET

Capillary pressure

  • Tabular values

  • Skjæveland

  • Burdine

  • Bentsen & Anli

  • LET for primary drainage, imbibition and secondary drainage

Standard correlations available

Licensing options


  • Perpetual

  • Subscription


  • Floating

  • Node-locked

PRORES uses software licensing components from Flexera Software (FlexNet)

Sendra training courses

Schedule a Sendra training course to get up to speed on the use of Sendra.

  • Introduction course to Sendra

  • Advanced user course

  • Workshop

Get your data organized


Sendra celebrated its 20 years in the industry in 2012 as it was first commercially released back in 1992.

Sendra was initiated at IRIS (former RF-Rogaland Research). The product development was performed in close cooperation with Texas A&M University (USA), the University of Bergen (Norway) and the oil industry. This cooperation integrated knowledge and expertise from all into one product. Further, a lot of our customers have compared the output from Sendra with their own in-house software as well as with reservoir simulators.

A good number of Sendra-related papers have been accepted at international conferences and in publications; the development of Sendra, numerical SCAL studies by use of Sendra and the use of experimental SCAL data to be processed with Sendra.

Sponsoring SCA

Sendra software is state-of-the-art

Sendra consultancy services

PRORES offers consultancy services related to use of Sendra. Services offered span the entire lifecycle of your SCAL data.

Pre-experimental simulation:

  • Sensitivity studies

  • Experimental design

History matching of experiments:

  • Unsteady-state

  • Steady-state

  • Multi-speed centrifuge

  • Single-speed centrifuge

Additional work:

  • Comparison and analysis of results

  • QC and assistance with Sendra usage

  • Preparation of experimental data

  • Composite core simulations

  • Advanced simulation studies

  • Analogue studies

SCAL data to verify? We will do the QC for you!

We provide timely and proper QC of your experimental data for output of relative permeability and/or capillary pressure. We use Sendra, the industry standard core flow simulator. Contact us to find out how we can help you get the most out of your precious SCAL data!