Software solutions for improved workflows and cost-efficiency

Our agile software development team has over the last decades provided software solutions to clients which have improved their workflows and cost-efficiency.

Classical client pains we help relieve are related to data formatting, data exchange between applications and manual error-prone tasks.

We have also improved standard solutions with customized extensions in order to accommodate client specific requests and workflows.

We integrate industry applications and platforms

More seamless data integration and workflow speedups

Our team has experience with industry software applications and platforms, such as WellFLO, i-DO, MEPO, IP, RMS, Prosper, PVTSim, Petrel, ECLIPSE, OLGA and LEDA.

We provide application integration services and create data links between applications to improve client workflows and efficiency.

We can help with data format conversion, data import, data export and data (re-)organization.

We develop tailor-made software solutions

Realizing ideas and solutions as working software

Our team has experience developing tailor-made software solutions for upstream services.

Several client specific solutions have been developed applying modern software development methodologies and technologies.

We create Petrel plug-ins

Automated and intelligent software workflows

Our team has experience with Petrel and the Ocean framework and has developed client specific Petrel plug-ins.

We have developed automated workflows, enabling data analysis, identification of areas for production improvements, informed decision making and prioritizing operations in an efficient manner.

We manage production data

Serving you clean, updated and valid production data

Our team has experience with several software solutions for intelligent daily operations – handling production data.

We can host, update and maintain client data on a daily basis.

We offer a separate production allocation service.