Bridging the gap from ideas to solutions


We are always looking for a new solution, a new perspective and a new and better way of doing things. That is what motivates us and makes us strive for greatness.


Both operational and software solutions are cornerstones in PRORES. We have the know-how that gives us the means to bridge the gap between existing technology and industry needs.


Our expertise derives from years of experience in the petroleum industry and research, matched with talented young professionals in a team with an out-of-the-box mindset.

With an eye for solutions

PRORES is an independent petroleum technology and service corporation.

Our mission is to give advice for the best use of available technologies and to develop game changing solutions where potential is seen.

Our ambition is to contribute to improved recovery of already recognized hydrocarbon resources and to enforce environmentally safe strategies for abandonment of wells.

PRORES has provided expert services to major oil companies worldwide, like Statoil (Norway), Kuwait Oil Company (Middle-East), Lukoil (Russia), ONGC (India) and many others since the start-up in 2005. Commitment to more than 150 successful projects demonstrates our ability to cooperate with, and add value to our clients.

0+ dedicated petroleum experts
0+ successful projects worldwide

Our value proposition: simpler, better and more cost-efficient

Integrated software products and expertise

PRORES has its own integrated and agile software development team.

Our custom software solutions have improved the daily workflows and operations for many clients.

PRORES has licensed an extensive suite of petroleum software and we are experienced end users.

Our core software product offered is Sendra, the industry standard SCAL tool. Sendra is a unique tool for simulation, analysis and QC of special core analysis experiments. Sendra is licensed by more than 40 companies and universities worldwide.

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