Patented technologies for the industry

Our best ideas are matured through the Prores incubator in collaboration with industrial partners. We spin-off technology companies to scale up to market.

At-the-Bit® Mud Loss Control is a new approach for drilling treatment of severe and total mud loss which will unlock hydrocarbon reserves that are not drillable with today's solutions

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Wellguard technology is a wireline logging tool for precision measurements of cement barrier integrity through multiple consecutive casings to detect debonding, micro-annuli, cracks and fluid channels prior to P&A operations.

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Wellstarter HIPlog is a wireless downhole flow monitoring solution based on heat pulses released into the well stream providing the inflow profile of oil, gas and water in producing wells.

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Wellintercept is exploring a unique solution for active magnetic ranging while drilling. Target applications are reuse of existing wells for IOR, relief well drilling and geothermal wells.

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