Engineering Services

Petroleum experts and industrial solutions to clients worldwide

We are an integrated team of engineers with an extensive network supporting petroleum operations worldwide, offering fast track projects, consultants and specialized solutions with operating performance in mind at all time
Prores delivers consulting services and studies for fields in operation. Experience in special core analysis and late life resource estimation. Assistance in data-rooms and M&A activities. Prores has delivered fast track field development and rejuvenation studies worldwide as well as forming new oil companies.
Drilling and well​
We have an extensive track record planning drilling operations and wells. Deep knowledge in P&A requirements through field studies and development of drilling and well completion technology.
Production and asset operations​
Prores experience spans from early phase development to daily operations involving well and field start-ups, well interventions and production enhancement initiatives. We develop production management systems and new technologies for our clients.
Software development and digitalization​
Sendra is the market leading software for SCAL analysis. Loved by the end-users. Prores has the domain expertise to develop new value creating tools in the move towards cloud and mobile applications. We are familiar with the systems in use and client requirements for architecture and security.

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