State-of-the-art SCAL simulator

What is Sendra?

Market leading Special Core Analysis Laboratory software last 20 years. Used by more than 30 oil companies and core laboratories worldwide. Close to 90 university licenses. Current version built on Windows platform. In 2020, Prores started to transform Sendra into a cloud-based service adding new features to make it more versatile applicable for reservoir engineers. Ongoing R&D project with a target to release Sendra Cloud in 2022.

Sendra Features

Sendra covers all common experimental approaches, including unsteady-state and steady-state flow experiments, single- and multi-speed centrifuge experiments, as well as porous plate experiments. It can be utilized for oil-water experiments as well as gas-oil or gas-water experiments, for both imbibition and drainage processes.

Simulation of laboratory experiments.
Import/export from/to various Excel file formats.
Plotting of the various data and results.
Curve fit of relative permeability, capillary pressure and resistivity index as a function of fluid saturation.
History matching of laboratory results from drainage and imbibition of wellbore core experiments.

SCAL toolbox

The main application of Sendra is to determine relative permeability and/or capillary pressure from experimental data through an automated history matching approach. Sendra can simulate all common SCAL experiments and can be used as a tool for planning and successful execution of your SCAL projects.

The software is tailored for SCAL and it includes options necessary for laboratory application. The core geometry and physical properties are easy to handle. Sendra is not constrained by limiting assumptions, such as zero capillary pressure – which analytical methods are. Consequently, Sendra provides for an excellent means of quality control of analytical methods. Even though Sendra is an advanced and flexible simulation tool within special core analysis, the user friendliness is maintained through a well-arranged user interface.

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