Prores AS welcomes Kurdistan Chawshin

February 8, 2022
Ola Næverdal

Prores AS welcomes Kurdistan Chawshin - bringing decades of experience and boosting the Sendra Software for continued growth

Prores is excited to announce the appointment of Kurdistan Chawshin as our new Chief Petroleum Data Scientist. Kurdistan is an experienced Petroleum Geoscientist who brings a wealth of experience to our team. With a background as project manager in Thermo Fisher Scientific and with her newly acquired PhD in Petroleum Geosciences with the thesis: “Automated lithology classification employing whole core CT scans through application of machine learning algorithms”, she will bring demanded expertise to the Sendra software.

Sendra is the market leading Special Core Analysis software last 20 years used by more than 30 oil companies and core laboratories worldwide. Close to 90 university licenses. Current version built on Windows platform. In 2020, Prores started to transform Sendra into a cloud-based service adding new features to make it more versatile applicable for reservoir engineers. Ongoing R&D project with a target to release Sendra Cloud in 2022.

We wish Kurdistan welcome to the Prores family.

Ola Næverdal
Ola is CEO with particular focus on management, business development and financial control. Ola was the company’s CFO when it was owned by Weatherford and CEO after the management buyout in 2014. Ola likes skiing and mountain hikes.

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